How to Turn a Curious Listener into a Raving Fan

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If you’re using the system Jennine and I advise, you’re offering a free download of a song or two (or three) to entice people to join your email list. But contrary to popular opinion, listening to your song(s) won’t turn them into a raving fan.

You see, it’s not always about the music. (What???)

In today’s world the music is no longer the product. It’s not even the sole connecting point. The music gets people to stop and be interested in you. It gets them to pause and focus on you for a moment. But with the thousands of choices people have for new music they are looking for more than just a good riff to become a ‘fan.’

So, how do you turn a curious listener into a raving fan?

Music Fan

Answer:  Think Like a Fan!

What do you want to know about new bands/artists you discover?

Start by introducing yourself. They received your free download and maybe they’ve listened to the song, but they still have questions. They want to know :

  • What are these guys all about?
  • Do I have a connection with them?
  • Are they all vegetarians and I’m not?
  • Are they into four-wheel-drive trucks?
  • Do we share a value system?

So it’s your job in the first few emails to prove to your new potential fan ( they’re not a fan yet – they’re just dipping their toe in the water) that it’s worth their time to stick around and be a part of your community. That they belong here.

Obviously the very first email needs to include a download of the song(s) you promised them for signing up. Nothing will kill your new relationship faster than a broken promise.

After that, use an Auto Responder to send out a short series of emails (5-10) that give some insight into you and your music. Think of it as a really extended bio. Make each email short and to the point – no more than 300 words each.

Unlike most bios found online, it must be interesting. Include some fun facts about yourself.  Here’s a list of questions you could answer to get you started:

  • What’s something you’re really good at that has nothing to do with music?
  • What’s the biggest highlight from your music career?
  • What’s the first song you can remember hearing?
  • Who is your musical idol and why?
  • When did you know you were going to pursue music?
  • What’s one embarrassing secret you’ve only shared with friends?

Use these suggestions as a guide to create your own questions to answer. Be you; show your real personality and your true fans will follow!

72 Flares Twitter 66 Facebook 3 Google+ 3 72 Flares ×
72 Flares Twitter 66 Facebook 3 Google+ 3 72 Flares ×