Is Your Site Leaking Fans?

losing fans from your website

Liner Notes March 25, 2014 Are you inviting fans to leave your website before they even get settled? It takes a lot of time, money and energy to get fans to your website. Don’t send them right out the back door before they have a chance to discover how awesome you are! What links do […]

Doing the Pinch/Zoom/Pivot Dance

responsive website design

Liner Notes March 11, 2014 Are you ready to do the pinch/zoom/pivot dance? Your potential fans aren’t. Find out all about the dance and how you can avoid it in this week’s 2 minute video. ) In the USA mobile accounts for 15% of traffic to all websites. The Only Sky Artist site gets 36% […]

Why do Musicians Focus on SEO

Liner Notes March 4, 2014 So many musicians waste time focused on SEO. Stop spinning your wheels and focus on what will really move the needle. See what I mean in this week’s video…. What are your thoughts on chasing SEO?  Shout out below…

Is Your Blog Hurting Your Website

musician blog and website

Liner Notes February 25, 2014 When a new visitor lands on your home page what do they see? If it’s your blog you may be doing more harm than good. See what I mean in this week’s video…. Do you agree or disagree with my blog theory?  Shout out below…

Rock Your ReverbNation ‘More Info’ Box

ReverbNation info

Liner Notes February 18, 2014 I have many pet peeves, but the ReverbNation ‘More Info’ box is near the top of the list. Most independent musicians put way too much information in this box. This week we’ll look at some examples and show you what you should have in your info box instead. On a […]

What’s the Purpose of Your Band’s Website?

The purpose of a band's website

Liner Notes January 28, 2014 You’ve heard us talk about calls-to-action….probably more than once. lol 😉 It’s hard to get people to your website. It takes a lot of time, money and effort. Don’t let them just wander around when they get there. Have a plan. So what should be the call-to-action of your website? […]

Liner Notes January 14, 2014 – Dealing with Multiple Calls-to-Action on Your Homepage

Have you ever wondered how to deal with different types of people visiting your website? Reporters, bloggers, fans, super fans, and venues all have different agendas when they come to your website. How do you as an independent artist create a site that speaks to all of them? In this week’s video I’ve got some […]

Where is that Freakin’ Music Coming From!?

auto-play music is scary

It happens almost every time I cruise ReverbNation looking for new bands. I click through to a band’s website and suddenly my office is shaking! Where the hell is that music coming from? As my pulse quickens and my adrenaline surges, I frantically scan for the pause button. But where is it? It’s usually so […]

Use the Power of the Written Word to Make Your Music Safe

Let people know about your music

Most people don’t like to be first to anything. I hate being first to the party. I wasn’t the first to buy an iPhone. And I don’t like to buy products from Amazon with very few reviews. I guess I like to have a few people there ahead of me to say “it’s okay, come […]

Build a Website with Purpose! Attract New Fans

Use your website to attract new fans

Recently I reviewed a TON of websites from independent musicians. I was on the hunt for some new music and I let myself just wander aimlessly through the interwebs on the lookout for a cool new artist or band. As I wasted (was it really a waste?) the afternoon away, I noticed one critical mistake […]