Liner Notes January 6, 2014 – A Story from Nashville and Facebook

  Our recent trip to Nashville turned up an interesting story about following artists on Facebook. From the video: House Concerts eGuide    

Beyoncé Proves Facebook Fans are Meaningless

With the recent release by Beyoncé I started thinking about why she isn’t selling MORE copies of her album. In the first few days she sold about 850,000 downloads. But if you looked at her social media following you might assume she would sell more. After all, she has almost 54 million Facebook fans!! With […]

The Third Step To Rockin’ Your Music Marketing

find your perfect fan

What’s the biggest crowd you’ve ever played for? 30 people? 500 people? 10,000 people? Have you ever played for more people than that? You rock! What does it feel like to stand on stage and connect with that many people? I bet it makes you feel alive. The adrenalin is flowing and your heart is […]