How to Automatically Send Your Fans an MP3 Download

email an mp3

Every music marketing guru will tell you to offer your fans a free download of a song in exchange for their email address. But how do get your song from your computer to theirs? It may sound simple –just add the mp3 as an attachment to your email. Not so fast! If you’re using an […]

Stand Out in iTunes and Keep Them Coming Back

Metadata for mp3 song file

Not including the full metadata in your free mp3 downloads can be devastating to your marketing efforts. Take this screenshot from my iTunes as an example… Take a look at the ratings column. You’ll notice there are several songs here that I’ve rated as three and four star. In my world that means I would […]

Don’t be the Enhancement Drug of Music

SPAM your email list

Liner Notes April 15, 2014 Adding people to your email list without permission is not a good idea. Not only will it not help you find more fans, it might also directly hurt your efforts to reach your existing fans. How do you add fans to your email list? Do you ever blindly email someone? […]

I’m NOT Your Personal ATM

Use your email list wisely

Liner Notes March 18, 2014 So many independent artists treat their email list like a personal ATM. Fans didn’t sign up on your list to get the hard sell every time they open their email inbox. Here’s what they want instead. What emails have you sent to your fans that they really got excited about? […]

How a Musician Can Build an Email List

Liner Notes February 4, 2014 Last week I talked about the purpose of your band’s website. That sparked some questions about how to get someone on your email list. What can a musician do to entice someone to sign up on their email list? People treat their email address like gold and don’t give it […]

What’s the Purpose of Your Band’s Website?

The purpose of a band's website

Liner Notes January 28, 2014 You’ve heard us talk about calls-to-action….probably more than once. lol 😉 It’s hard to get people to your website. It takes a lot of time, money and effort. Don’t let them just wander around when they get there. Have a plan. So what should be the call-to-action of your website? […]

Liner Notes January 6, 2014 – A Story from Nashville and Facebook

  Our recent trip to Nashville turned up an interesting story about following artists on Facebook. From the video: House Concerts eGuide    

Mobile Friendly Content is a Must for Today’s Indie Artist

music fan attractor website

I’ve been shouting to anyone who will listen about the importance of mobile-friendly content. The following infographic just hit my inbox this morning. It shows the overwhelming number of web-based email users who rely on their smartphones to retrieve their emails. So what does this mean for you? I still receive a large number of […]

Musicians: Delete Your Email List – no independent artist needs one

Musician email list

Hopefully you didn’t just delete your email service provider account after reading the headline. Because there’s an ‘if’ statement that follows…Musicians, delete your email list. No independent artist needs one if they don’t use it properly. Unfortunately, this statement applies to many independent artists. They’re missing a HUGE opportunity with email. If you’ve read articles […]

The Fourth Step To Rockin’ Your Music Marketing

guitar icon

When you go to a concert, what makes it memorable for you? For me, it’s when I’m up out of my seat, dancing, clapping and singing along. Every sense is alive. Obviously, I can hear the music. But I can also smell the room around me, the popcorn, the beer…the wacky weed. I see the […]