How to Automatically Send Your Fans an MP3 Download

email an mp3

Every music marketing guru will tell you to offer your fans a free download of a song in exchange for their email address. But how do get your song from your computer to theirs? It may sound simple –just add the mp3 as an attachment to your email. Not so fast! If you’re using an […]

How Can You Copy Record Store Day?

Record Store Day

Liner Notes April 22, 2014 Record Store Day is becoming more and more popular each year. How can you use the same concepts as Record Store Day to promote your music? Did you get out on Record Store Day to your independent record store? Chime in below…

How to Double Your Income From Music

Double your sales

Liner Notes April 8, 2014 There are many ways to make more money in music, but this week I focus on one of the simplest. It’s often overlooked as artists rush to chase more fans and fame. But it really is one of the easiest ways to instantly increase your income. Register for the PLUG […]

What’s the Purpose of Your Band’s Website?

The purpose of a band's website

Liner Notes January 28, 2014 You’ve heard us talk about calls-to-action….probably more than once. lol 😉 It’s hard to get people to your website. It takes a lot of time, money and effort. Don’t let them just wander around when they get there. Have a plan. So what should be the call-to-action of your website? […]

Liner Notes January 14, 2014 – Dealing with Multiple Calls-to-Action on Your Homepage

Have you ever wondered how to deal with different types of people visiting your website? Reporters, bloggers, fans, super fans, and venues all have different agendas when they come to your website. How do you as an independent artist create a site that speaks to all of them? In this week’s video I’ve got some […]

Artists Grab a Piece of the Cyber Monday Pie

Sell Music For Christmas

On Black Friday over 45 million people went shopping in the United States. Over 45 MILLION! They spent an average of $407 each. Wow! As an indie artist did you grab a piece of that pie? If you didn’t – it’s not too late. Today is Cyber-Monday and millions more people are hitting the web […]

What The Heck Is Direct-to-Fan Music Marketing?

Direct-to-Fan Music Marketing

Direct-to-fan is probably a term you’ve heard thrown around online by many sources in music marketing. But what’s the essence of direct-to-fan (DTF) marketing and how do you know if it’s right for you? What is direct-to-fan marketing? Using the word ‘marketing’ when talking about DTF is probably misleading. DTF is much more than a […]