Is Your Music for Everyone?

Liner Notes May 20, 2014

There are over 7 billion people in the world. Is your music perfect for all of them?

Michael Jackson, Jesus Christ and Elvis all are super-popular figures in our culture. What can their success/failure teach you about your music career?

Who is your music for? Chime in below…

The First Step To Rockin’ Your Music Marketing

Have you ever lost something and tried to find it? Maybe a notebook or a shirt? Have you enlisted a friend to help you find it?

I’m sure it’s something you can relate to. We’ve all been there. I recently lost a notebook in the house and asked Neil to help me find it. What’s the first thing he asked me?

What does it look like? Of course. *slaps head

So I went on to describe the notebook. It’s black. It’s about five by seven inches. It has a spiral binding. It’s about half an inch thick. After about twenty minutes of searching we were able to find the missing notebook. But if I hadn’t given Neil a complete description of my notebook he wouldn’t have been any use to me in looking. Because he wouldn’t know what he was looking for.

That’s why the First Step To Rockin’ Your Music Marketing is –

Turn On Images To See Fun Stuff!KNOW YOUR FAN

In order to find new fans you must know what you’re looking for. And the best place to start is with your existing fans. More than likely they have something in common. There is a reason they are YOUR fans. Because the honest truth is, not everyone can be your fan.

Many musicians tell me “My music is for everyone.”  This couldn’t be further from the truth. Not even Michael Jackson had 7 billion fans (the population of the world). He didn’t even have 300 million fans (population of the United States). So I’m fairly certain that your music won’t appeal to everyone.

Most musicians make the mistake of trying to appeal to everyone.  In the process they appeal to no one.

It’s only natural. You’re a performer because you like to be in the spotlight. You thrive on people telling you how much they love your music. How much they love YOU. It’s hard to hear that some people just don’t like you. And never will.

But if you want to connect with new fans, I mean REALLY connect, you have to give them something to connect with. Chances are your existing fans have already found something about you they connect with. The trick is to identify what that thing is. And then find more people that identify with that same thing.


Turn On Images To See Fun Stuff!

The Beatles vs The Rolling Stones

The Beatles and The Rolling Stones both came up at the same time in the English music scene. They were all young kids from hard-working towns in England. They both emulated American music. In fact, The Beatles named themselves after Buddy Holly and the Crickets while The Stones named themselves after a Muddy Waters song.

On the surface you might think they would have the same fans. But no. I’ve never met someone that said they LOVED The Beatles AND The Stones.

Now me, I LIKE The Rolling Stones, but I LOVE The Beatles. Why? Because I identify with The Beatles’ message of peace and love far more than I identify with The Rolling Stones’ message of self-satisfaction.

So if you were The Beatles and you were trying to find new fans you would look for someone like me. You see, the key to finding new fans is to know what your fans have in common.

Some things your fans might have in common:

    • Gen X or Gen Y
    • Cowboy boots or high heels
    • High & tight or Emo
    • Treehugger or headbanger
    • Ford Fiesta or Jaguar X-type
    • Photographer or wind-surfer
    • Plumber or stock broker
    • PC or Mac

Get moving


Over the next 24 hours I’d like you to write down all the things you can think of that your fans have in common.  The more specific the better. Do they all wear TOMS shoes? Do they drink Absinth? Do they work as bankers? Do they drive a GMC 4×4?

I’ll get back to you tomorrow with some ideas of how you can use the description of your ideal fan to reach even more people!

Until then,
Peace, Love, Happiness, Always
~ Jennine