Where is that Freakin’ Music Coming From!?

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auto-play music is scaryIt happens almost every time I cruise ReverbNation looking for new bands. I click through to a band’s website and suddenly my office is shaking!

Where the hell is that music coming from?

As my pulse quickens and my adrenaline surges, I frantically scan for the pause button. But where is it? It’s usually so buried in the sidebar or blending into my bottom toolbar that I can’t find it. So what do I do?

Should I continue to be assaulted by music I didn’t ask for or hit the big red X in the upper-right corner?

Artists think they are being smart by setting auto-play to on. After all, everyone that lands on their site will hear their music. And once they hear it they’re going to be compelled to buy it ’cause it’s so freaking awesome!

In reality musicians are only hurting themselves.

People don’t like to be told what to do. Setting music to play when they first land on your site dictates their experience. So at the very least you have ruffled someone’s feathers by forcing them to turn off your music. Instead of allowing them to make the decision to turn it on.

On the other extreme, you may have blown their speakers or eardrums. Or caused them to stain their underpants. None of which will endear you to a new potential fan.

But one scenario you may not have considered is the worker cruising the internet while they should be working. Suddenly the entire floor knows they are on your website. Again, you’re not making new friends.

Instead, try placing your music player in a prominent position on your home page. Give viewers a reason to click play. Use testimonials or reviews to intrigue someone enough to try it for themselves. They will have a much better experience and will stick around on your site a lot longer.



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44 Flares Twitter 40 Facebook 2 Google+ 2 44 Flares ×