A Kick-Ass Live Performance is Your Best Marketing!

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Market a live performanceDid you catch the AMAs on Sunday? Did you see someone perform and Google them on your smartphone before their song was even over?

Jennine did. She’s heard about Imagine Dragons at least 50 times over the last couple years. I think she’s even heard Radioactive once or twice before. But within 5 minutes of watching them perform on the AMAs she had downloaded their entire album. Based on one song!

That’s the power of a great live show.

Do you perform with the power and the passion that Imagine Dragons showed on Sunday? Every time you take the stage you need to come with a take-no-prisoners attitude. You need to wear your heart on your sleeve and leave it all out there.

Not only will your performance captivate everyone in the room, but the word-of-mouth a great show will generate is limitless. Recently I was in love with the Keith Urban show we saw. I’ve told at least 20 people they have to see it when he comes back through Chicago. The same thing happened when I saw Prince earlier this year. I’m helping to sell their next shows and they’re not even paying me for it.

But I’ve seen numerous shows this year. Not every show gets my unsolicited endorsement. It has to be special. It has to blow me away.

I’ve seen plenty of shows this year where the musicians are back on their heels. They’re nervous and intimidated. And it’s obvious. I can’t get excited about your music if you fumble your way through a set or mumble something between each song. You need to command the stage and take me on a ride.

Then I’ll be screaming your praises…and buying your album.



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