I’m Scared You Won’t Care About This Post

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break from fearEvery time I click send or publish or call I pause and think “What the hell am I doing? Why on Earth would anyone want to read an email from me?” or “Why would this person want to talk to me?”

Self-doubt and fear are powerful. Honestly, sometimes they win and I talk myself out of whatever I was planning. But more often, I push through the negative-defeating talk and do it anyway. And then I’m surprised.

Recently I’ve gotten several such surprises. Jennine and I have been contacting other blogs in the music business niche about our House Concert eGuide. I’m glad Jennine is doing it, because each time she sends one out that thought flashes through my brain – “Why would this popular blogger want to hear from us?” But they do. They write back and it’s amazing the relationships we’re building by hitting send.

But I got a much bigger surprise in the past couple of weeks….

I wrote an email to share with someone about a video. I can remember sitting at the kitchen table one Saturday morning writing it. As usual I hesitated before I sent it. “Why would anyone care what I think about this video?”  But I swallowed and hit send anyway. Unbeknownst to me the person on the other end was about to be positively changed because of my email. I have since received several emails back telling me what a difference my email made in their life. I can’t share their story here in detail, but my email gave them hope at a time they most desperately needed it. I’m absolutely floored! And to think – I almost didn’t hit send.

Are you scared?

Musicians often struggle with fear and self-doubt. I’ve heard statements like “I don’t want to compromise my art.” or “I don’t want to sell-out and play that kind of music.” or “Nobody makes money in music.” What I hear is “I’m scared.”

  • I’m scared no one will like my music.
  • I’m scared people will make fun of me.
  • I’m scared that I don’t have the talent it takes to be a musician.
  • I’m scared to put myself out there because I might fail.
  • I’m scared my family is right.

I can relate. I’m scared every time I step out of my comfort zone. But like the popular quote says –

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

Neale Donald Walsch

It’s true. So how can you push past the fear to take steps to get your music out to the world?

Why do you create?

The key to pushing yourself is to have a goal bigger than you. Jennine and I started Only Sky Artist because we believe in the power of music. (Read our bio to find out more) We know that hidden away in bars and basements across the country – and the world – are some insanely talented people. If we can give those people hope and skills to continue with what they do, the world will be a better place.

So, what’s your reason for making music? Why would you push yourself out of your comfort zone?

Some possible reasons might be:

  • the admiration of others
  • as therapy
  • the rush of adrenaline
  • to change the  lives of other people
  • to leave a legacy

Whatever your reason it’s up to you to push yourself to discomfort some days. You can only achieve your ultimate goal by challenging yourself to reach as many people as possible with your music. Sometimes you need to hit send.

What is your reason for creating music? Please share in the comments.






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The Legendary Frank
The Legendary Frank

I'm not a musician but the one thing that stands out for me especially in the case of unsigned musicians is their courage.


I write music I like. And I like to make people laugh and be happy. That's why I write music. :D


No doubt, Frank! But there are always tinges of self-doubt hiding out there.


Good reasons, Errol!

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