Artists Grab a Piece of the Cyber Monday Pie

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Sell Music For ChristmasOn Black Friday over 45 million people went shopping in the United States. Over 45 MILLION! They spent an average of $407 each. Wow!

As an indie artist did you grab a piece of that pie?

If you didn’t – it’s not too late. Today is Cyber-Monday and millions more people are hitting the web to spend-spend-spend.

I opened my email inbox today to dozens of ads from Amazon, Calumet Photo, Cannon,, Dave Ramsey, Quill and many more. All of these corporations know that I’m in a buying mode today. They know that my credit card is ready, willing and able to purchase. (in Dave Ramsey’s case he wants my debit card 😉 ) So they are lining up to make sure their company is in my thoughts as I start my Christmas shopping.

Why shouldn’t your music be in that list? People are always looking for great gift ideas that are tangible and wrappable. Yes, wrappable is a word now!

Seriously, CDs make awesome Christmas gifts. Remind your fans that a wrapped CD of your music is a great gift idea. It’s affordable, easy to mail and unique.

Start today by sending out an email letting your fans know you have a great Christmas special running. You could go with the old 20% off idea. But here are some better ideas for a special:

  • You will sign their CDs
  • Buy a CD and get a Tweet
  • You will custom sign their CDs for the recipient
  • Every order gets a used guitar string ornament
  • Buy X number of CDs and get 1 free
  • Every order comes with home made Christmas cookies
  • Include copies of song lyrics they can use as wrapping paper

Be creative!

Once you have a special, make sure you give it a deadline. They’ll need their order in time for Christmas so try December 9th as your deadline. This will give you a reason to follow up with them multiple times and remind them your special is ending soon and they must act fast.

Speaking of, send out your offer at least three times. Like I said earlier, their is a ton of email hitting everyone’s inbox this time of year. By sending your offer multiple times you’ll ensure it gets seen. Also, I bet you get a better response from the third email than from the first two. People tend to procrastinate. That’s another good reason to remind them multiple times.

Make sure your share your special on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If you’re really adventurous you could even run a Facebook ad that targets friends of people who like your fan page. Whoa! Now that’s some high-tech cyber stalking. But it is possible and fairly easy.

After you run your holiday special drop me a note and let me know how it did.


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38 Flares Twitter 36 Facebook 2 Google+ 0 38 Flares ×