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How to plan a house concertReady to plan your first house concert but not sure how? We’ve assembled a great list of resources for you to use in planning your show. Whether you’re a musician or a host, there’s something in this list for you.

General House Concert Information

Wikipedia Definition and Description

Fans – How to Plan a House Concert

Host a House Concert Short article with general tips about hosting.

Falling Mountain Music Extensive article with a downloadable checklist.

A House Concert Manifesto Good description of what a house concert isn’t.

Tuscon House Concerts Good article written from fan’s perspective.

Concerts in Your Home Free downloadable guide to hosting a show.

Musicians – How to Book House Concerts

Mikey Wax via Tune Core Tips on how to start house concerts and selling merch.

Jon Troast via DIY Musician General info about using house concerts to connect with new fans.

Concerts In Your Home Blog about house concerts for musicians

Sue Basko, Lawyer General house concert info with an extensive take on legal issues.

Indie Guide Very short article with step-by-step system.

Brian Vander Ark Last in a series of articles by the Verve Pipe front man. Lots of good info sprinkled throughout.

How to book house concertsThe Ultimate House Concert Resource

Grab our eGuide all about house concerts. You’ll get our ebook House Concerts: build a fan base one living room at a time and it’s companion guide The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a House Concert. It’s everything you need to plan, promote, book and perform house concerts. Find out more


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