Use the Power of the Written Word to Make Your Music Safe

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Let people know about your musicMost people don’t like to be first to anything. I hate being first to the party. I wasn’t the first to buy an iPhone. And I don’t like to buy products from Amazon with very few reviews.

I guess I like to have a few people there ahead of me to say “it’s okay, come on over!”

And I’m not alone. When new potential fans land on your website they want to know if anyone else likes your music. It’s a way for them to quickly filter out what’s worth their time and what isn’t. They also want to know that they won’t be ridiculed for going against the grain and liking something uncool.

One powerful method to let new listeners know it’s okay to stick around is to display a quote from someone of authority. If Rolling Stone said your music is “the second coming of Elvis Costello” then people are going to be drawn in. They want to hear for themselves and see if they agree with Rolling Stone. The authoritative quote will get them to stop and listen.

But it doesn’t need to be Rolling Stone; and probably won’t be. Honestly, the chances you’ll land a Rolling Stone interview the week after your first show is as close to zero as you can get. But you do need some quotes from someone of authority. A quote from a local paper or blogger can be just as powerful if presented correctly.

So start with platforms that are looking for content. Local papers and magazines have trouble finding content to fill their publications each week. If you can make it easy for them, you can get some free PR. A well-written press release could get printed as-is, or it might land you an in-depth interview.

Another great source for quotes is online review sites and blogs. Again, some of the smaller, newer sites are starving for content. Search through Google for ‘free music reviews.’ It will take some doing, but after wading through a few pages of results you’ll find a few gems.

If you’d like a shortcut, we did some of the work for you. Download our PDF of 11 Free Music Review sites.

Or if you want the ultimate collection of newspapers, magazines, websites and more that will review your music, try The Indie Bible. A great collection of resources for Indie Artists. It’s not free, but it packs a ton of great information.

Once you have some great reviews prominently post them on the home page of your website. Next time a new fan lands there, they’ll be assured you’re worth a listen.

If you find some great places to review your music, let us know. We love to share!

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43 Flares Twitter 38 Facebook 2 Google+ 3 43 Flares ×