Get Out and Meet Someone New

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Music NetworkingLast night at Kiss The Sky Records in Batavia, IL, 27 of us gathered to share with and learn from each other. Each month PLUG: Chicago’s Music Business Network organizes a speaker and a venue for independent musicians and others in the industry. We get musicians of all levels as well as recording engineers, songwriters, venue managers, studio owners and more.

Each month the meetings are about a specific topic. Last night it was publishing and licensing.

Being a musician isn’t always a solo project

What we get by being in a room together can’t be found on Facebook, or experienced through live Tweeting. You have to be there. You need to interact with people one-on-one as a human being. Last night new friendships were made and old one were strengthened.

Too many times we sit in our living room trying to become besties with someone through a series of emoticons. But the ultimate emoticon is your face. I got to see several faces lite up as Travis Brown shared his experience with publishing and licensing his music.

Travis has over 20 songs on television and in the movies so he knows his way around a cue sheet. But then the most amazing thing happened….

  • Benjie jumped in and shared his successes
  • Jon told us about his experience selling hundreds of tshirts
  • Michael spoke up about some details of BMI
  • Greg shared a tip he had about using BMI
  • I gave my views on having multiple merch items for sale

And in the course of two hours the whole room left a lot smarter than when we walked in.

I could have spent two day straight on Facebook and not learned what I did last night. Beyond the learning, I also met some new people who I can draw from in the future. I’m sure you’ve heard “it’s who you know.” Well now I know a lot of people. I have a community.

Find your own connections

Publishing and Licensing groupWhere ever you are in this great big world, reach out and find a group you can connect with. It doesn’t have to be as formal as our Meetup group. If you can’t find a group – start your own! That’s what I did. I didn’t ask permission. I didn’t wait to be the leading expert in all things about the music business. I just started. Hell, I didn’t even know if anyone would show up!

Each month our group grows. Four months ago we started with six people around a table at a local restaurant. Last night at our 4th meeting we had 27 people.

If you build it, and its good, they will come.

Get out of your living room and build your own community. If you’re in Chicago, come join ours.



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