The Fifth Step To Rockin’ Your Music Marketing

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Yesterday I promised to give you the most over-looked key to marketing music. And I’m going to get there, but first…

I never was much of a musician myself. Don’t get me wrong, I love music, I’m just not very good at playing it. I’ll leave that to you. smiley But one thing I do love is to dance!

I recently went to a friend’s wedding. Her fiancé hired a buddy to be the DJ for the reception. The guy thought he was the life of the party. He talked up the crowd and then he played some great music and the dance floor filled up. Of course, I was out there leading the charge.

turntableBut as we started to get in a groove and everyone was moving to the beat he decided to become DJ Jazzy Jeff. He tried mixing. Ugh… What a train wreck! He started scratching and stutter-stepping the song. I clearly remember the song, too. Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses. I love that song! And he ruined it!

As we were dancing away (and he was scratching away) he messed up the most important thing for dancing. The beat! He couldn’t find it with both hands. We all began to dance like sporadic monkeys. Frantically looking for the consistent beat we relied on to keep the rhythm. And it wasn’t there. Being a musician, I’m sure you know how important it is to keep a consistent beat in a song. Drummers are rated on how well they can keep the beat without a metronome. Why? Because everyone craves consistency. As humans we like predictability. That’s why Step #5 To Rockin’ Your Music Marketing is…

Turn On Images To See Fun Stuff!BE CONSISTENT

There are hundreds of marketing topics I could write about for you. But I’m going to give you THE golden nugget right here. Amazingly it’s so simple it’s often overlooked. THE ONE THING most people, even highly paid professionals, miss…

Like life, 80% of marketing is just showing up!

disco ballThat’s right, consistency. If you can master this ONE simple point about marketing you will be light years ahead of your friends. Heck, you’ll even be ahead of most marketing agencies. But the sad truth is, most people flit from shiny object to shiny object. They’re constantly looking for that next social media shortcut to superstardom and fame. They abandon one strategy for the next get-rich-quick scheme. And it just doesn’t exist.

There is no easy button in marketing. Or life for that matter. You must possess a ‘don’t quit’ attitude.

When your latest song seems to be going nowhere you must find the strength to reach down and keep pushing. It’s all about tenacity.

Far too often I notice musicians market in spurts. They have a new project they’re excited about so they send out 23 emails and 79 Facebook posts. But two weeks later they’re gone. Not to be heard from for six months until their next project is ready to push. In the meantime everyone has forgotten who they are. Have you ever gotten an email and said “Who is that from?” “I don’t remember them.” And then hit the SPAM button. Sure. I’ve done it. But if you are consistently sending out updates and putting up Facebook posts no one will forget who you are.

Even if you don’t have something to promote it’s important to stay on your fans’ radar. That’s why you should make marketing a habit. Promoting your music for one hour a day is far more effective (and easier) than spending 12 hours on Monday cramming.

Get moving


Remember the goals you set for yourself in step #2? Now it’s time to turn those goals into action! Over the next couple of days spend some time turning your goals into a timeline. What do you need to do first to accomplish your goals? Break each goal down into actions. Make sure the steps are easily digestible chunks you can finish in one hour’s time. Now map out each step on a calendar. By planning out your days you will make your marketing more consistent and effective.



Now for the special surprise I mentioned at the top. I advertised The 5 Steps To Rockin’ Your Music Marketing as 5 steps. But… Tomorrow I’m going to send you a BONUS SIXTH STEP! I had so many great ideas to share with you I just couldn’t fit it all into five steps. So I’m sending you one last step tomorrow. You’re going to love the sixth step. It fits right in with being a musician. See you then!

Peace, Love, Happiness, Always

~ Jennine

You won’t find the sixth step on our website. If you’d like me to send you all five steps, plus our bonus sixth step, just fill out the form below and I’ll send you the whole enchilada!


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