The Fourth Step To Rockin’ Your Music Marketing

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When you go to a concert, what makes it memorable for you? For me, it’s when I’m up out of my seat, dancing, clapping and singing along. Every sense is alive. Obviously, I can hear the music. But I can also smell the room around me, the popcorn, the beer…the wacky weed. I see the lights and the band. I can feel the energy of the room. But when the band shifts to the AP –Audience Participation – section of the show, that’s when I’m totally 100% ENGAGED! And that’s Step #4 To Rockin’ Your Music Marketing .. Turn On Images To See Fun Stuff!


Thirty Seconds To Mars is one band that does an excellent job of engaging their fans. At their shows, they make all your senses come alive. I went to see them at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago a couple years ago. The theme of the night was Blood Ball. They asked their fans to dress the part, taking costume ideas from one of their music videos. Many fans did. Thirty Seconds To Mars provided fake blood in the lobby and Jared Leto even threw gallons of it on the crowd from the stage. It was QUITE intense! During the show Jared constantly engaged the crowd. He challenged us to sing along, to get closer, to be a part of the show.  And you know what? It was one of my favorite concerts ever! Because I was part of it.

That’s the challenge for you and your music marketing…Make your fans part of the experience.

You should think of marketing your music as a conversation. So many bands, and businesses for that matter, think of marketing as a one-way flow of information. But really good marketing is a two-way conversation between you and your fans, or potential fans. But even beyond that, your fans want to know you’re a real person. They are buying so much more than your music. They are buying you. And it’s hard to buy ‘you’ if they don’t know anything ABOUT you. fanHow can you make each of your fans feel special? How can you make them feel like they are your number one fan? Have you ever been to a networking event? I work for a Chamber of Commerce so I’ve been to WAY more than my fair share. The people I connect with at those events are the ones I have a real conversation with. The ones that tell me about their family. Maybe about their dreams or goals. Or just a fun story from their day. I don’t connect with the people who are constantly trying to sell me something. Have you met ‘that guy?’ “Hey, nice to see you. I improve peoples’ lives by helping them..blah…blah…blah.”


In today’s marketing world it’s important your message isn’t just about you. You can’t constantly tell everyone about all the ways they can spend money with you. Shows, CDs, tshirts. You can’t even drone on about all the radio stations playing your new song. The sad truth is they just don’t care. What they really want is to be a part of this grand vision that is YOU. So if you only take every opportunity to tell them how awesome YOU are, they will lose interest…quickly. Instead, take every opportunity to tell them how awesome THEY are. You’ll come across as a real, connectable human being. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all places you can share behind-the-scenes content. But anytime you can single out a fan and talk with them one-on-one, you are building something! That’s a conversation they will remember and tell their friends about. You can do this through @ replies on Twitter or tagging them on Facebook. Or you could put your new email database from Step 3 to use! Email is an amazing way to connect one-on-one.

MicHere are some tips to engage your fans through email:

1. Make it personal – When writing emails for your fans, remember on the other end is A person. That’s right – A person. Not 29 people, 376 people or the 3,498 people that are on your mailing list. Each email needs to be written like it’s going to your best friend.

2. Ask questions – A great way to start a conversation is to ask a question. I do this all the time at networking events. It lets me focus on the other person and get to know them. What better way to show you care? 3. Tell a story – Share something that has happened in your life. It doesn’t always need to be about music or your career. Try sharing things about your likes or dislikes. Or maybe just what you’re doing this week. Make it real.

4. Give a peek – Give your fans a glimpse into the world of music creation, or touring or the music biz in general. Remember, you’re living the life they all wish they could. Show them what it’s like to be a rockstar!

5. Ask for input – Everybody likes to be appreciated. Show your fans you love them by asking for their help with something. Maybe it’s help picking the songs for your next album or what outfit you should wear to the show on Friday. Receiving a personal email from you asking for help is something they just won’t expect!

6. Add pictures/video – Email isn’t just about text. Adding some visual punch to your note will put your fans right there with you. It doesn’t need to be fancy or slick. Just having a picture or video message from you will grab and hold their attention longer than just plain text.

7. Above all – Entertain Them! Always leave them wanting more. So your big takeaway today is to remember to make your fans feel special. Giving them personal attention will go a long way in turning them from a casual spectator to an evangelist for your musical cause!



Tonight try sending a personal email message to a handful of your fans. Test the waters and see how it feels. What kind of response do you get? Just shoot out a quick note to six fans. Ask what the top song on their iPod is this week. Start a conversation.

Tomorrow I’m going to share with you the most important, yet most-overlooked, key to marketing music. You don’t want to miss out on Step #5 To Rockin’ Your Music Marketing, so keep an eye on your inbox tomorrow. Talk tomorrow, Peace, Love, Happiness, Always ~ Jennine


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