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How Can You Copy Record Store Day?

Record Store Day

Liner Notes April 22, 2014 Record Store Day is becoming more and more popular each year. How can you use the same concepts as Record Store Day to promote your music? Did you get out on Record Store Day to your independent record store? Chime in below…

Registering Your Song with a PRO Doesn’t Protect Your Copyright

Professor Pooch - Copyright vs PRO

Why ASCAP and BMI don’t protect your rights as a songwriter The music business has a lot of moving parts. So many acronyms get thrown around on a regular basis that even seasoned music veterans get confused about who does what. That’s why you might be unsure about the differences between registering a copyright and […]

Keith Urban Sells Out!

Keith Urban Guitar Marketing

Late Saturday night while America was watching Saturday Night Live, Keith Urban appeared on the Home Shopping Network for two hours – selling guitars! He performed a few songs, including songs from his new album Fuse and talked to some fans on the phone. But mostly he spent the night telling the host, Colleen Lopez, […]

6 Business Lessons Walter White Can Teach Independent Musicians

The business of creating music

**************Spoiler Alert – If the final episode of Breaking Bad is still on your Tivo, you might not want to read this**************** It’s only been two weeks and I already miss Walter White deeply. I can’t understand why he affects me so, but the image of him fondly gazing at shiny meth lab equipment in […]