Planning for Marketing Success

Good marketing is not an accident. Plan your future by learning to market your music.

Do You Have the Consistency of an Insane Weimaraner?

Meet Striker. He’s our crazy, ten year old Weimaraner. I’m not picking on him. If you’ve ever met a Weimaraner you know they’re all crazy. Since he had his 10th birthday, he’s almost as calm as a Labrador puppy! But as distracted and hyper as he is, Striker has one of the most important elements […]

Getting Your Music Noticed in a Noisy World

Get press coverage for music

One thing I’ve noticed that separates struggling artists from up-and-coming artists is press. It seems anyone that has some momentum behind them is using the power of newspapers, blogs, podcasts and television. How can a struggling artist get press The easiest way to get press is to pay for it. No, not paying the reporter, […]

What Starbucks Can Teach You About Selling Merch

Selling high end merchandise

Did you know you can walk into Starbucks and buy a $3 cup of coffee or a $2700 espresso machine? Who in their right mind would buy a $2700 piece of equipment from Starbucks? I sure wouldn’t. But here’s the point…someone will. That’s why it’s there. Taking up valuable shelf space at your local Starbucks. […]

What The Heck Is Direct-to-Fan Music Marketing?

Direct-to-Fan Music Marketing

Direct-to-fan is probably a term you’ve heard thrown around online by many sources in music marketing. But what’s the essence of direct-to-fan (DTF) marketing and how do you know if it’s right for you? What is direct-to-fan marketing? Using the word ‘marketing’ when talking about DTF is probably misleading. DTF is much more than a […]

Use the Power of the Written Word to Make Your Music Safe

Let people know about your music

Most people don’t like to be first to anything. I hate being first to the party. I wasn’t the first to buy an iPhone. And I don’t like to buy products from Amazon with very few reviews. I guess I like to have a few people there ahead of me to say “it’s okay, come […]

The Fifth Step To Rockin’ Your Music Marketing

keyboard icon

Yesterday I promised to give you the most over-looked key to marketing music. And I’m going to get there, but first… I never was much of a musician myself. Don’t get me wrong, I love music, I’m just not very good at playing it. I’ll leave that to you. But one thing I do love […]

The Fourth Step To Rockin’ Your Music Marketing

guitar icon

When you go to a concert, what makes it memorable for you? For me, it’s when I’m up out of my seat, dancing, clapping and singing along. Every sense is alive. Obviously, I can hear the music. But I can also smell the room around me, the popcorn, the beer…the wacky weed. I see the […]

The Third Step To Rockin’ Your Music Marketing

find your perfect fan

What’s the biggest crowd you’ve ever played for? 30 people? 500 people? 10,000 people? Have you ever played for more people than that? You rock! What does it feel like to stand on stage and connect with that many people? I bet it makes you feel alive. The adrenalin is flowing and your heart is […]

The Second Step To Rockin’ Your Music Marketing

have a plan

Yesterday I shared with you the importance of knowing your fan. I’m sure you spent some time over the last 24 hours thinking about your biggest fans and what they have in common. What did you learn about them? Do you have a solid picture in mind of your ideal fan? One of your greatest […]

The First Step To Rockin’ Your Music Marketing

disco ball icon

Have you ever lost something and tried to find it? Maybe a notebook or a shirt? Have you enlisted a friend to help you find it? I’m sure it’s something you can relate to. We’ve all been there. I recently lost a notebook in the house and asked Neil to help me find it. What’s […]