Is Your Music for Everyone?

who is your fan

Liner Notes May 20, 2014 There are over 7 billion people in the world. Is your music perfect for all of them? Michael Jackson, Jesus Christ and Elvis all are super-popular figures in our culture. What can their success/failure teach you about your music career? Who is your music for? Chime in below…

Summer Festival Marketing Strategies

Summer Festivals for Musicians

Liner Notes May 6, 2014 Summer festival season is almost here! What are you doing this year to take advantage of every live festival opportunity? Summer festivals are tough, because the crowd is more than likely not there to see you. You’re playing for a large group of half-in-the-bag, distracted folks. What is your plan […]

Don’t be the Enhancement Drug of Music

SPAM your email list

Liner Notes April 15, 2014 Adding people to your email list without permission is not a good idea. Not only will it not help you find more fans, it might also directly hurt your efforts to reach your existing fans. How do you add fans to your email list? Do you ever blindly email someone? […]

How to Double Your Income From Music

Double your sales

Liner Notes April 8, 2014 There are many ways to make more money in music, but this week I focus on one of the simplest. It’s often overlooked as artists rush to chase more fans and fame. But it really is one of the easiest ways to instantly increase your income. Register for the PLUG […]

A Brand New Record Label For Indie Artists

Liner Notes April 1, 2014 Edit *** Straight up – this a really lame April Fool’s prank. I’m leaving it up here for fun. But don’t believe anything you hear in this video 🙂 *** This week I have the inside scoop on a new record label that’s coming to help indie artists. Get the […]

Is Your Site Leaking Fans?

losing fans from your website

Liner Notes March 25, 2014 Are you inviting fans to leave your website before they even get settled? It takes a lot of time, money and energy to get fans to your website. Don’t send them right out the back door before they have a chance to discover how awesome you are! What links do […]

I’m NOT Your Personal ATM

Use your email list wisely

Liner Notes March 18, 2014 So many independent artists treat their email list like a personal ATM. Fans didn’t sign up on your list to get the hard sell every time they open their email inbox. Here’s what they want instead. What emails have you sent to your fans that they really got excited about? […]

Doing the Pinch/Zoom/Pivot Dance

responsive website design

Liner Notes March 11, 2014 Are you ready to do the pinch/zoom/pivot dance? Your potential fans aren’t. Find out all about the dance and how you can avoid it in this week’s 2 minute video. ) In the USA mobile accounts for 15% of traffic to all websites. The Only Sky Artist site gets 36% […]

Is Your Blog Hurting Your Website

musician blog and website

Liner Notes February 25, 2014 When a new visitor lands on your home page what do they see? If it’s your blog you may be doing more harm than good. See what I mean in this week’s video…. Do you agree or disagree with my blog theory?  Shout out below…

Rock Your ReverbNation ‘More Info’ Box

ReverbNation info

Liner Notes February 18, 2014 I have many pet peeves, but the ReverbNation ‘More Info’ box is near the top of the list. Most independent musicians put way too much information in this box. This week we’ll look at some examples and show you what you should have in your info box instead. On a […]