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Use email marketing to increase your sales and fan engagement.

How to Automatically Send Your Fans an MP3 Download

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Every music marketing guru will tell you to offer your fans a free download of a song in exchange for their email address. But how do get your song from your computer to theirs? It may sound simple –just add the mp3 as an attachment to your email. Not so fast! If you’re using an […]

Don’t be the Enhancement Drug of Music

SPAM your email list

Liner Notes April 15, 2014 Adding people to your email list without permission is not a good idea. Not only will it not help you find more fans, it might also directly hurt your efforts to reach your existing fans. How do you add fans to your email list? Do you ever blindly email someone? […]

Artists Grab a Piece of the Cyber Monday Pie

Sell Music For Christmas

On Black Friday over 45 million people went shopping in the United States. Over 45 MILLION! They spent an average of $407 each. Wow! As an indie artist did you grab a piece of that pie? If you didn’t – it’s not too late. Today is Cyber-Monday and millions more people are hitting the web […]

How to Turn a Curious Listener into a Raving Fan

Music Fan

If you’re using the system Jennine and I advise, you’re offering a free download of a song or two (or three) to entice people to join your email list. But contrary to popular opinion, listening to your song(s) won’t turn them into a raving fan. You see, it’s not always about the music. (What???) In […]

Musicians: Delete Your Email List – no independent artist needs one

Musician email list

Hopefully you didn’t just delete your email service provider account after reading the headline. Because there’s an ‘if’ statement that follows…Musicians, delete your email list. No independent artist needs one if they don’t use it properly. Unfortunately, this statement applies to many independent artists. They’re missing a HUGE opportunity with email. If you’ve read articles […]

Email Services For Musicians

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Over the years I’ve used several email marketing services. In this article I show you what I think are the best options for email services for musicians. In the interest of full disclosure, some of the links in this article are affiliate links. If you use one of these links to buy services we might […]