Marketing Your Music Online

Using your website, social media, YouTube and more to promote your music

Stand Out in iTunes and Keep Them Coming Back

Metadata for mp3 song file

Not including the full metadata in your free mp3 downloads can be devastating to your marketing efforts. Take this screenshot from my iTunes as an example… Take a look at the ratings column. You’ll notice there are several songs here that I’ve rated as three and four star. In my world that means I would […]

Why do Musicians Focus on SEO

Liner Notes March 4, 2014 So many musicians waste time focused on SEO. Stop spinning your wheels and focus on what will really move the needle. See what I mean in this week’s video…. What are your thoughts on chasing SEO?  Shout out below…

Is Your Blog Hurting Your Website

musician blog and website

Liner Notes February 25, 2014 When a new visitor lands on your home page what do they see? If it’s your blog you may be doing more harm than good. See what I mean in this week’s video…. Do you agree or disagree with my blog theory?  Shout out below…

Mobile Friendly Content is a Must for Today’s Indie Artist

music fan attractor website

I’ve been shouting to anyone who will listen about the importance of mobile-friendly content. The following infographic just hit my inbox this morning. It shows the overwhelming number of web-based email users who rely on their smartphones to retrieve their emails. So what does this mean for you? I still receive a large number of […]

Beyoncé Proves Facebook Fans are Meaningless

With the recent release by Beyoncé I started thinking about why she isn’t selling MORE copies of her album. In the first few days she sold about 850,000 downloads. But if you looked at her social media following you might assume she would sell more. After all, she has almost 54 million Facebook fans!! With […]

Where is that Freakin’ Music Coming From!?

auto-play music is scary

It happens almost every time I cruise ReverbNation looking for new bands. I click through to a band’s website and suddenly my office is shaking! Where the hell is that music coming from? As my pulse quickens and my adrenaline surges, I frantically scan for the pause button. But where is it? It’s usually so […]

Build a Website with Purpose! Attract New Fans

Use your website to attract new fans

Recently I reviewed a TON of websites from independent musicians. I was on the hunt for some new music and I let myself just wander aimlessly through the interwebs on the lookout for a cool new artist or band. As I wasted (was it really a waste?) the afternoon away, I noticed one critical mistake […]

The Mind Tricks behind Eli Lieb’s Cover of Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Cover Video

It happened again. On Friday Eli Lieb posted a video cover of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball. By Monday it had been viewed almost 500,000 times and Eli had gained over 100,000 YouTube subscribers and 30,000+ Twitter followers. It’s another case of an unknown artist gaining huge online success by covering a popular song. Recently we […]