Doing the Pinch/Zoom/Pivot Dance

responsive website design

Liner Notes March 11, 2014 Are you ready to do the pinch/zoom/pivot dance? Your potential fans aren’t. Find out all about the dance and how you can avoid it in this week’s 2 minute video. ) In the USA mobile accounts for 15% of traffic to all websites. The Only Sky Artist site gets 36% […]

Why do Musicians Focus on SEO

Liner Notes March 4, 2014 So many musicians waste time focused on SEO. Stop spinning your wheels and focus on what will really move the needle. See what I mean in this week’s video…. What are your thoughts on chasing SEO?  Shout out below…

Is Your Blog Hurting Your Website

musician blog and website

Liner Notes February 25, 2014 When a new visitor lands on your home page what do they see? If it’s your blog you may be doing more harm than good. See what I mean in this week’s video…. Do you agree or disagree with my blog theory?  Shout out below…

Registering Your Song with a PRO Doesn’t Protect Your Copyright

Professor Pooch - Copyright vs PRO

Why ASCAP and BMI don’t protect your rights as a songwriter The music business has a lot of moving parts. So many acronyms get thrown around on a regular basis that even seasoned music veterans get confused about who does what. That’s why you might be unsure about the differences between registering a copyright and […]

Rock Your ReverbNation ‘More Info’ Box

ReverbNation info

Liner Notes February 18, 2014 I have many pet peeves, but the ReverbNation ‘More Info’ box is near the top of the list. Most independent musicians put way too much information in this box. This week we’ll look at some examples and show you what you should have in your info box instead. On a […]

The Power of Focus in Promoting Your Music

Use focus in your music career

Liner Notes February 11, 2014 Jennine and I have been watching the Olympics this week. While watching the ski jumping competition I flashed back to my childhood and the “Agony of Defeat” guy on Worldwide Sports. He got me thinking about what it takes to be an Olympic champion. One of the key elements is […]

How a Musician Can Build an Email List

Liner Notes February 4, 2014 Last week I talked about the purpose of your band’s website. That sparked some questions about how to get someone on your email list. What can a musician do to entice someone to sign up on their email list? People treat their email address like gold and don’t give it […]

What’s the Purpose of Your Band’s Website?

The purpose of a band's website

Liner Notes January 28, 2014 You’ve heard us talk about calls-to-action….probably more than once. lol 😉 It’s hard to get people to your website. It takes a lot of time, money and effort. Don’t let them just wander around when they get there. Have a plan. So what should be the call-to-action of your website? […]

So You Really Want a Record Deal

record deal

Liner Notes January 21, 2014 We recently got the chance to watch Artifact, the new movie from Jared Leto and 30 Seconds to Mars. If you’ve ever wished for a record deal from a major label then you need to see this movie. It’s a great study in the new music business and how record […]

Liner Notes January 14, 2014 – Dealing with Multiple Calls-to-Action on Your Homepage

Have you ever wondered how to deal with different types of people visiting your website? Reporters, bloggers, fans, super fans, and venues all have different agendas when they come to your website. How do you as an independent artist create a site that speaks to all of them? In this week’s video I’ve got some […]