Our Story

Neil & Jennine at the John Lennon Peace Wall - Prague

We’re fans first. We’re marketers second. And a few years ago we fell in love with music all over again.

We’re Neil & Jennine Kristianson. And music has always been a huge part of our lives.

We’re children of the 80’s, so music was big for us growing up. Early on Neil discovered The Beatles (do you really need to hit the link to see who The Beatles were?) and Jennine was raised on Elvis and Don Williams (you might have to follow this one). But as we entered high school everything changed. MTV exploded on the scene and suddenly music was everywhere!

Music As A First LoveWe loved it all. From Rick Springfield, Led Zeppelin, Michael Jackson and Madonna to The Godfathers, Husker Du and Modern English. No genre was too far reaching and no band wasn’t worth a listen.

As kids we learned to play a couple of instruments each. Neil the piano, violin and guitar. Jennine the organ and guitar.

Starting In the Music BusinessWe met in college when Neil had a bad mullet and a guitar. Jennine had tight black jeans and boots. Nirvana and grunge ruled the day. On one of our first dates we saw Pearl Jam when they were on the bill as TBA. Mind blown…

At college Neil got a degree in Entrepreneurial Business Management and Jennine got a degree in Enterprise Management. But after college and marriage things changed. Music wasn’t as important as paying the bills and making it through each day. Jennine worked several jobs in marketing and event planning. Neil eventually started his own residential remodeling company with his brother. Life became a dull routine.

Neil, Jennine & AnthonyBut then in 2008 things began to change again.

We re-discovered music. And it wasn’t just the music. We discovered a whole community of independent musicians that were making incredible music. We found it frustrating that these musicians weren’t getting the wide-spread attention they deserved. We began to support in whatever way we could. From Kickstarter contributions to live events to hosting house parties. We were hooked.

About_Us-3But over time we realized there was a much better way we could help the music community we love. You see, running a successful remodeling company has given us lots of hands-on experience with marketing. In fact, Neil has become a serious student of marketing. He has spent literally 16 or more hours per week learning what works and what doesn’t. And it’s not just book-learning. He used his skills everyday to run a successful 7-figure construction company.

Over the years, all of our marketing education has exceeded the cost of a VERY nice car. In fact, we’ve spent well over $123,000 on degrees, classes, courses, mentors, tutors, books and programs. All to increase our business and marketing know how. But it occurred to us, why not give the artists we love access to all we know? Why not show them how the business world makes thousands of dollars per day?

Over the last few years, we have seen some exceptionally talented musicians give up because they couldn’t make a full-time living in music.

This makes us sad – and mad!! Jennine & JasonThe world deserves to hear your song. To hear your message. So we’ve decided to do something about it.

We borrowed a line from John Lennon’s Imagine and created Only Sky Artist to give you the leg-up you need to get your music to the world. To share your story. To share your gift. We want you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams. We want to hear your song.

Recently we drove up to Milwaukee to see Matchbox Twenty. In the front row that night was a very young girl with her dad. She couldn’t have been more than 5 years old. It was obviously her first concert. She was SO excited. She was clapping and rocking and really getting into the music.

Why We're Passionate About Music MarketingShe embodies what Only Sky Artist is all about. She and all the kids just like her are why we started this revolution. We want future generations to be inspired by music. We want them to hear your music and to know that life has promise. We want kids of all ages to feel the joy that music brings.

Some people might tell you the future of music is in question.

But is it? We don’t need to tell you that the music industry is changing. You’re living it every day. So, we also don’t need to tell you that the future of music is wide open! The way the game is played is rapidly changing and evolving. So let’s change with it.

NO – check that.


That’s a pretty lofty goal. But that’s what we’re shooting for here. In short, we want to build a community of independent artists that become the new core of the music industry. And we want you to thrive doing what you love – music!

Together we’re going to change the way music is marketed. Together we’re creating a revolution!

Thanks for joining in.

Neil & Jennine

Jennine & Neil